Where it begins and ends comes from your own mouth

Where it begins and ends comes from your own mouth

It is in the way you speak

I do not even think you really see it, that everything is ,and  happens, 

What is it that your are lying to yourself about

And so it becomes …… empty-filled hopes in the eyes of who loves you

Perfection can not be attained in a day, week , month, or year

the degree of emotion, those empty-filled words you spoke

to me

repeated to yourself

moulded for personal gains

then to family

to friends

in belief

those fallacies were ‘becoming hopes, dreams, a tangible future’

do you know that even without getting ‘it’ instantly

having to work for it

that it will take time no matter if it is your dream job or a stepping stone along the way

and looking beyond yourself, if you do want us 

taking more than yourself into the question, answer, decision


we will still speak about just as hard, 

that it will still happen and we are ‘becoming hopes, dreams, a tangible future’ just as much and much more than the ground work 

it is good enough without enhancement, exaggeration , or telling what you may think people want to hear

I want to hear about reality, what is really fact, whether or not it is as good or not as you want it too be, 

it is what it is for the present, and present is what gets you to the future of your dreams

a present made of lies and empty-filled ‘it is coming’ are charged with emotion , love , accountability

empty-filled realities crumble thats what I think you only see

but because they were built and then charged with love, emotion, belief in your word that would build our reality, 

a whole present , and the momentum of our future is scattered

the real things you asked for, I spent and gave were for nothing, as if it is once again a joke on me, or no big deal, and the many many other ways that you have persuaded that its your choice  so its justified

yet it was my choice and belief that we were in this together, so what made sense to do , to sacrifice does not cut you as it does me, 

I bleed the time lost, the tears, the panic, disappointment that it was all a show, an empty filled promise of security , a con, 

what is more is the trust in our word is still intact

yeah the world is bad, and humans do bad things

but when yours, mine, ours, and future dreams are connected with the world and other humans ( be it friends, family, acquaintances, or a passer by)

if you continue to not look beyond only what will satisfy you best,your wants and needs, and what ‘sounds’ the best,  do not blame ‘human behaviour’ for negative experiences or me for emotion when my heart, and our future gets broken 



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