number three: Will open source learning equal capital?

I am a walking enterprise with no visible Capital.

To most, to live a modestly significant life for a girl from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada before 14 is not a big deal.

Although… having a chance to follow passions, furthering ambitions, using instincts-impulses from my heart, gave irreplaceable knowledge via Trail, Failure, Living experiences.

Many successful aftermath, as I see it , that experimenting at a younger age gave me a chance.

A chance to see that adding value in hard work and love, to family and community made me feel more complete than , praise for what I was born with.

With desire and daily roadblocks I go now to University for what I think I lack.

My desire to give something that can alter lives, education is greedily consuming what experimenting has given me at an alarming rate with a grade of F.

The pursuit for education is cowardly removing dreams that scare them with an F.

 I plea for understanding, I’m still healing, while my moments of insights and theories, shared, will be pass off as their own.

As I, not yet having a “university” degree, couldn’t be able to see what needs to be seen so clearly.


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